Ball Holders

Ball Holders & Display Cases

If you would like to preserve or display a game ball that has special significance there are some wonderful options available. The latest designs have the ball fitted into caps at either end of the ball that allows it to spin. This is useful if you have a number of signatures or other information written on the ball.


The popular acrylic display cases are ideal for preserving the ball by keeping dust (& fingers) away. The cases come in a couple of styles and are available to suit soccer/netball, rugby/AFL, baseball/softball & cricket balls.


Golfers will surely want to preserve the all important ball from a hole-in-one. We offer a choice between acrylic, gold finish and rosewood or a closed in display case.


Cricketers are keen to display the ball used in achieving their hat trick and a cricket ‘claw’ is perfect for the job.


Engraving plates added to your ball holder allows you to add the details of the event to remind you in years to come.


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