The Trophy and Embroidery Warehouse use two engraving techniques – diamond drag and laser engraving.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is fast becoming the favourite engraving technique for trophy engravers. Again it is a computer driven technology, but this time the “tip” happens to be a laser beam.


The laser will engrave by heat which can be altered to meet the needs of the material being engraved. The laser can cut also which allows great flexibility in the shape of engraving plate used on the trophy.


The laser is ideal for engraving into acrylic wood, laserable plastics, stainless steel and even glass. The technology allows for most images and logos to transfer quite easily into the computer program, and in turn to be engraved into your piece. Glass tankards, pens, natural timbers and of course trophies can all be engraved using this method.

The Advantages include:

Time Friendly,

Allows for Flexibility and Creative Freedom,

Cuts as well as Engraves,

Large Laser Bed allows for Unusual Shaped Objects to Fit.



The Disadvantages include:

Looks Different to Traditional Engraving Techniques,

There are some Materials that Do Not Laser Engraved well.


Diamond Drag

Diamond drag engraving is computer driven, it uses pressure and a diamond tip. The spindle applies pressure to the piece to be engraved and drags the diamond tip across it, creating fine lines (ie: engraving text or design).


The end result is the etched image or engraving that most people are familiar with.

The Advantages include:

Is Traditional, and will not Wear with Age.



The Disadvantages include:

Can be Difficult to Read, Particularly when Engraving in a Small Area.

** Please note; Unfortunately we do not engrave on jewellery.