Sublimation & Heat Press


Sublimation is a great way of using colours in an award or on a name badge.


If you have a great looking logo you want to show it off on sponsors plaques or name badges.


Full colour sublimation allows you to do just that.


Sublimation is a heat process that seals special inks onto various surfaces, most often aluminium. The aluminium plate comes in white, silver or gold and can be cut to suit the size required. The result is a very stylish professional job, especially popular for plaques and shields.


The process is ideal for name badges with a corporate or club logo. Again the badge plate is available in your choice of three colours to enhance your logo and project the image you wish to relay to others.


At the Trophy and Embroidery Warehouse we also use sublimation to make personalised logo inserts on site. This means small quantities needed in a hurry are no problem. Inserts are used to enhance a plaque, medallion or trophy.